Undergraduate Program

The administrative structure



University's president

Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Education Worker Honored at Ukraine
Kapustnik Valery Andriyovich

(057) 705-07-11


  Academic Council President

Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Prize winner of the Ukrainian State, Doctor honorary in Ukraine
Volodymyr Lisovic

 (057) 705-07-11

 University Vice-President for Scientific Action

MD, professor, supervisor in science and technology in Ukraine
Valerie F. 

 (057) 705-07-09


 University Vice-President for Scientific and Educational Action

Doctor of Medicine, Professor
Markovsky Volodymyr Dmitrovic

(057) 707-73-55


 Representation of the Vice Chancellor for scientific work
And educational

Associate Professor, Associate Professor
Irina Lishina
(057) 707-72-98
 University Vice-President for Scientific and Educational Action 
Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Doctor My pride in Ukraine
Leticia Ivan Vasilyevich

(057) 707-73-43


 University Vice President for Educational Scientific Work (Medical) 
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Yuriy  S. Resultenko

 (057) 705-07-01


 University Vice-President for Administrative and Economic Business

 Boris Zalewski(057) 705-07-26
 Chief Accountant

Milovidova Svetlana Nikolaevna(057) 705-07-55
 Assistant to the University President for Economic Affairs 

Volodymyr Sklyarov(057) 707-72-45
 Help the university president

Candidate for State Administration, Associate Professor

Belevtsova Yana Sergeevna

(057) 707-72-45
 Assistant to the University President

Berezhny Vyacheslav 
 Assistant to the University President

The university is working today according to a new strategy developed since 2019 and it is an action plan that extends to the year 2025 in which we are keen to provide and update all resources for students and provide the best in the health field, you can download the work plan file and see it in full.