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University history

The history of Kharkov National University of Medicine dates back more than 200 years and is closely related to the history of Kharkov National University, because it was founded from its Faculty of Medicine. The university was founded in 1805, and a decree on its founding was issued by the Russian Tsar Alexander I. The first statute of the university was approved at that time.

In the nineteenth century, well-known doctors and scientists studied at the university's medical school and worked in practical medicine. It was they who, for the first time in the Russian Empire, performed ovarian excision, complete gastrectomy, open-heart surgeries, as well as important scientific discoveries. In 1887, a special building was built for the anatomical theater of the Faculty of Medicine (it now houses the human anatomy department of our high school); In 1896, four independent university clinics were built: therapeutic, surgical, obstetric and ophthalmic.

In 1910, the Kharkov Medical Association, established at the initiative of the professors of the Faculty of Medicine, established the Women's Medical Institute, where the right to higher education was granted to women.

In 1920, the Kharkov University Medical School joined forces with the Women's Medical Institute, and the Kharkov Medical Academy was established. A year later, the latter was given another name: Kharkov Medical Institute. Among the teachers there were many prominent educators and scholars. The streets of Kharkov are named after some of them. Among them: the physicist Danilevsky V.Ya

Many research institutes, hospitals and clinics were created based on the initiatives of the lecturers at Kharkov National Medical University. Notably among them are the Institute of General and Emergency Surgery, the Malaya Institute of Therapy, the Shaboval Regional Clinical Center for Urology and Kidney Diseases, etc.

In 1951, the university began training foreign students. The university has graduated more than 3,600 professionals in various countries of the world.

In 1994, by decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Kharkov Medical Institute was presented as a basis for the establishment of Kharkiv State Medical University; The university received the highest rating 4 and is the highest government rating in Ukraine. In 2007 our university obtained the national classification to become a national public university.

Teaching staff

The faculty is made up of 727 teachers, among whom 121 are doctors of science and professors, 448 are candidates for medical sciences, 34 are members of academies, 16 honor scientists and 5 winners of the State Prize in Ukraine.

Member of UNESCO

The university is a registered member of UNESCO as well as WHO and the British Council of Medicine

The university is global

The university participates annually in 126 international forums and 340 Ukraine forums, and currently participates in 16 international projects. There are 65 members of the university in 66 foreign scientific and medical organizations.

A word from the university president

On behalf of Kharkiv National Medical University, I warmly welcome you to study at Kharkiv National Medical University and spend your period of study in Kharkiv!

Most higher education institutions throughout Ukraine are located in Kharkiv, with the total number of schools exceeding 50 and a large number of foreign students.

Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the oldest medical colleges in Ukraine with a presence in the scientific, medical and research history of the country. Founded in 1805, it is now a member of the International Association of Universities and other respected medical institutions around the world. KNMU has gained invaluable experience in training doctors, resulting in a very high quality of medical education. KNMU certification is recognized worldwide, and the current number of 46,000 international students studying medicine in the academic year 2020-2021 will increase significantly in the coming years.

The faculty, students, and other members of the university enjoy a daily fun interaction within the university, in hospitals and research centers, in scientific conferences. Our mission statement reflects the recognition in which the study of medicine makes an indispensable contribution to international medical education.

In this letter, I will warmly invite you to visit us here in the beautiful Kharkiv.

We look forward to seeing you!

best wishes,

Kapustnik Valery Andriovich
Honored by the world of Ukraine,
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

8 colleges

The university has 4 colleges specializing in general medicine, a college specializing in dentistry and a medical college for training foreign students as well as the College of Preventive Medicine and the College of Pediatrics. The university also has a special department for the continuous development of doctors ’skills throughout all their professional activities 

Departments of the research university

  • The university has 44 clinical departments, where medical work is performed by 497 university staff (consisting of 96 professors, 191 associate professors, 210 assistants), 128 doctors from university clinics, 73 graduate students, 48 clinical graduates, and 32 master students ; Of these, 331 are medical workers of the highest category, 68 in the first category, and 59 in the second category;
  • The university has 5 specialized academic councils for medical theses. Assists and qualifies doctors and scientists in training, masters, clinical postgraduate students, graduate students and doctoral candidates