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Kharkov National University certificates of medicine KNMU are recognized and highly respected all over the world. University graduates are welcomed in all countries, where competence and qualification are the basis of values that distinguish our students heading to the medical profession.

The growth of the role of education and science in society, along with the internationalization of education - these global trends of the international component in the university's activities as a prerequisite for its integrated development. International cooperation and recognition is a top priority of KNMU, and it forever develops under the integration of Ukrainian higher education into the global education system.

The main international activities of the university are:

  • Educational services for international students;
  • Participation in international grant programs, conferences, seminars and lectures;
  • Cooperation with foreign institutions;
  • Developing international academic and scientific mobility, and participating in international educational and scientific programs;
  • Intensification of international projects between university departments and implementation of international projects;
  • Offering distance learning courses for individual majors in order to attract foreign students at KNMU;
  • Activating the research work with foreign universities, the Kharkov National University of Medicine partners KNMU who are involved with the aim of developing and advancing the educational process through double diplomas;
  • Provide opportunities for students and teachers to participate in international educational programs, including internships;
  • Coordination of the university's activities to develop and implement international agreements.

The expansion of international relations and participation in international organizations contributes to increasing recognition of the KNMU Kharkov National University worldwide and its growing presence in the international arena.



Student registration form


Diploma Information Form

Double contract

Model contracts with students

The above forms are samples of the information covered by the dual contract between the student registered with the Kharkov National University of Medicine and the university as well as the information shown in the graduation diploma after the completion of the study 

Kharkov National University of Medicine KNMU is a national state university licensed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education, the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization WHO, the European Health Council and the British Council of Medicine. The president of the university is chosen by election every 8 years and the university is affiliated with its administration of the Ukrainian government 

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Kharkiv National Medical University
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Monday - Friday 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

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University orientation

Since 1951, Kharkiv National Medical University has been providing educational services for international students. It is the first medical university in Ukraine to open its doors to foreign students.

Kharkiv National Medical University is the source of the best traditions of medical education in Ukraine.
The main goal of the university is to train highly qualified professionals and scientists to meet current and future labor market conditions, improve the professional skills of health care workers, and raise students according to modern standards of national and international universities in the higher education field.
And the development of the role of education and science in society, diversification and internationalization of higher education to become a distinctive global trend of the university in the medical field internationally.
Internationalization is a major development priority and an integral part of the university. International cooperation is developed within the framework of a unified process to integrate higher education in Ukraine into the global higher education system in accordance with the directions of the Ukrainian government.

The university is working today according to a new strategy developed since 2019 and it is an action plan that extends to the year 2025 in which we are keen to provide and update all resources for students and provide the best in the health field, you can download the work plan file and see it in full.