Registration at Kharkov Medical University

Admission requirements

We are keen on selecting applicants who have demonstrated academic excellence and qualifications to become distinguished physicians. Applicants must meet all admission requirements for the medical program. There are different academic requirements, but above all we are looking for outstanding subjects in science: biology, chemistry, physics as well as English language qualifications.
Applicants eligible for admission are between 16 and 30 years old.

Tuition fees

The tuition and fees are fixed throughout the study period, which may extend to a period of 6 years 

Languages of study

The university offers study in English, Ukrainian and Russian

Certificate of Secondary Education

Acceptance to medical specializations requires a high school diploma or equivalent accredited certificates

Study seats

The university provides 700 new academic seats every year for all available majors

Registration steps


Submit an electronic application

An electronic registration application is submitted via the registration form or via the official email for the registration process


Attachments to the registration application

  • International passport
  • High school completion certificate 

Review the application

The university admission office will review your registration application, confirm the registration process, and contact you to inform you that your application has been accepted 


Study call

Once your registration request has been confirmed and you have completed the registration requirements, your academic invitation will be issued through the Ukrainian Ministry of Higher Education 


Call forwarding

You will be provided with a copy of the invitation as soon as it is ready and the original will be shipped to your home address 


Apply for a visa

Once you receive your academic invitation, you will have to present it to the Ukrainian embassy attached to your file to obtain a study visa for Ukraine 

Requirements for Ukrainian embassies

All international students must obtain a student visa approved by the Embassy of Ukraine.
Although some embassies have additional requirements, the documents required for the visa file of all embassies are:
  • The original study invitation
  • The original passport with a validity period of no less than one and a half years
  • The original birth certificate with the Apostille stamp or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamp
  • Secondary school certificate and transcript with Apostille stamp or State Department stamp
  • Medical Safety Certificate and AIDS Free Certificate with Apostille Stamp or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 10 personal photos, size 3.5 * 4
  • medical insurance
  • Visa payment payment receipt
  • Visa application formVisa application form

What are the admission dates?

 Registration deadlineThe last date to arrive
The first registration period October 15November 1
The second registration periodFebruary 15March 1
Preparatory Year Open all year longOpen all year long

When is it advised to submit an application for registration?

International students are highly recommended to start the registration process in advance as there may be a long process to issue the invitation and visa application for approval by the Embassy of Ukraine.
Note also,  The preparatory year is open throughout the year As an alternative option for international students who have missed the deadline for major studies or for those who need to study a local language or English language.