Tuition and housing fees for Kharkov National Medical University

Tuition fees

Tuition fees for the academic year 2020/2021

Tuition fees

Foreign students sign a study contract with the university upon registration and the US dollar is approved in the contract, while contracts for Ukrainian students or foreigners holding permanent Ukrainian residence are in the Ukrainian hryvnia currency, as soon as the student signs the contract he gets a fixed contract throughout the period of his 5-year study of dentistry And 6 years for general medicine and exempt from a change in future prices.

Preparatory Year

8 - 10 months
$3000 / Per year
  • Two programs are available for the preparatory year
  • Russian / English
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General Medicine

Duration of study is 6 years
$4800/ Per year
  • The price of the study is in Russian
  • 4500 $
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Duration of study is 5 years
$5400/ Per year
  • The price of the study is in Russian
  • 4980 $
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The cost of housing in

University hostels

Kharkov National Medical University provides a group of secure university housing near the university, rooms fully equipped with a double room system as well as triple rooms, university housing prices 500 - 1000 dollars annually, while the student can rent furnished apartments outside the university starting from 300 dollars per month.

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Duration of study 2 - 3 years
$3000/ Per year

the pharmacy

Duration of study is 5 years
$4800/ Per year

Graduate Studies

Duration of study is 2-4 years
$5000/ Per year