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Culture and sports

“When you join our course, you will not only go to university - you will enter a path that will prepare you for life.”

Student life is not just limited to classrooms and libraries. Rather, outside study times, relationships develop the spiritual atmosphere that forms the values that will determine their future lives. Kharkov National Medical University has all the necessary conditions for this. The campus forms the student residence area, which includes the sports complex, youth hostels, university buildings, and other private places, thus enabling students to spend their time in a rewarding manner. Student life is full of events. Especially in holidays, meetings, sports competitions, concerts, dance parties, traditional festivals, etc.

Being a medical student is not just about studying medicine. Likewise, playing on a sports team will help you work with other people. Sports and societies also provide an opportunity to take a leadership and organizational role, which will again become very important in the physician's practical context. There is an important balance to be achieved between work and life.

Kharkov National Medical University provides its students with all opportunities for complete personal development and professional growth!

National Day celebrations offer students a greater opportunity to learn about different cultures and develop communication among them

National Days CelebrationsKharkiv National University of Medicine

sport activities

The university has sports halls, football, basketball, tennis and many other sports, and university teams also participate regularly in regional championships.